MSc in Primary/Community Care

The new Masters course is designed to influence and enhance the nature and quality of provision of care within the Primary/Community care setting. It will facilitate wider understanding for professionals currently in the sector but also for those considering a career within Primary/Community provision. It will provide an understanding of care provision and management and influences on clinical practice within settings.

In addition, the programme’s design will enable participants to undertake specific care management interventions to influence change within settings. There will be opportunities to develop and apply this knowledge through a variety of summative assessments. The teaching and learning focus of this programme concentrates on the awareness and implementation of skills, which will be developed around care management as well as prevention and self-management within the context of Primary/Community care provision.

The programme offers students a detailed exploration of the context of primary care provision elements such as Long-Term Condition (LTCs) management and self-management strategies across the lifespan. It explores the nature and essence of leadership and will provide direction for any professional already involved in or intending to become involved in primary care, thus ensuring high quality provision. The programme will offer professionals an understanding of pioneering research evidence and interventions that assist in supporting change both locally and beyond.

The programme also offers students the opportunity to understand and undertake interventions or practices through a series of critical reflections, providing an insight into clinical management processes and content that will influence their own or the practice of others.

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